Trial Lens Set YELLOW

Product Details:

Country of OriginMade in India
Packaging Typebox
Light Source TypeHalogen
Number Of Lenses266
Rim TypesMetal
BrandOpticals Wale
TypeFull Aperture Trial Set

Trial lens set is a kind of ophthalmology calculating apparatus, used by hospital ophthalmology and glasses shop to exam peoples dioptric situation: hyperopia , myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism strabismus or color blindness. 

It mainly consists of positive ir negative sphere lens, positive or negative cylinder lens, prism lens and accessory lens, etc.

Disinfection: clean the lenses with alcohol or ether once a month.

Forbidden: to assure the accuracy of exam, following people are not suit for exam. He is in bad spirit or body, overwork tired, red and swollen in eyes, dizzy or other ophthalmic diease.


the trial lens set has passed the quality test and should be taken good care of prevent it from being scratched when it is used keep if clean and dry by wiping it with soft cloth after using.

Using instruction:

1. Sphere lens

The curved surface forms a part of the spherical lens and the dioptric power on all axis position is the same. After passing the lens, the light beam focuses in one point ( or a virtual focus). Spherical lens includes concave lens (-) and convex lens (+), which are used to examine myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia.

2. Cylinder lens

The curved surface forms a part of cylindrical lens and the dioptric power on all axis positions is not the same. After passing the lens, the light beam focuses into a straight line (or a broken line). Cylindrical lens consists of concave cylindrical lens and convex cylindrical lens that aer used to examine astigmatism.

3. Prisms

The tangent plain of prismatic lens shows cuneiform. After passing the lens, the light beam to the bottom and the object shifts to edges. This kind of lens is used to test strabismus or latent strabismus as well as to train eye-flesh.

4. Occluder

This is a kind of opaque lens for covering the uninspected eye of the examinee in a dark room.

5. Cross lens

There are two mutual vertical lines on the plane lens, used for looking for the pupils center and measuring interocular distance.

6. Frosted lens

This is a kind of half-transparent cover lens which mainly replaces black lens for baby or outdoor activity.

7. Slit lens

In its center, there is a slit, through which light beam can pass while it can not pass the other part of the lens. By turning this lens in front of the eye astigmatism can be examined as your vision changes in better or in worse at a certain axis position, on the contrary it proves no existence of astigmatism if your vision

Has changed.

8. This is a kind of transparent plane lens and the light beam never bends when it passes the lens. It is used to examine false blindness, etc.